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Acquisitions & Consultancy


Destination Real Estate Simplified

Our consultancy business was developed out of this important factor; our clients most precious commodity is their time.  Trust, Transparency, and Competency are sometimes very hard commodities to find when acquiring, planning and developing a property from afar.  Sometimes this is as simple as helping secure the right team in those locations and providing a trusted second set of eyes at crucial points in the transaction or development.  Our singular goal is to help our clients achieve their dream property or build without any ordeal that could end in disappointment.  We are here to prevent this.



Available Services

When it comes to acquiring property, you owe it to yourself to use our buyer representation services. When you contract with us, we have only your interest in mind. Together, we establish what you really desire and develop a set of criteria that you're looking for, including location, features, and budget. With our experience, and contacts we can provide a full scope of available properties that match your criteria, including many not listed on the open market. 

Our relationships with our clients comes #1 over everything.  We know that selling your property can sometimes be a large undertaking.  With our professional expertise, we assure that the selling process is smooth and easy. We take the time to sit down with you so we can fully understand your goals, and what you are trying to accomplish. Attention to detail is paramount to us, so we make sure we map out every step of the way to easily attain our goals. Being a small boutique brokerage, we pride ourselves on our relationships. We become friends throughout the process, and love keeping those relationships long after the Sale is closed. Selling with us is easy! 

Buying and Selling is one thing, but managing and maintaining your property is just as important. We pride ourselves on being your primary "White-Glove Service" "One Stop Shop" Boutique Brokerage. Whether it is your primary residence, or your vacation home, we offer our clients management services so they know their property is being well taken care of. If it is needing snow removal, landscaping, contractor contacts etc. Or, if it is just making sure the heat is on while you're away, we want our clients to know we have their best interest, and we are willing and happy to help in any way we can. 

When it comes to Construction, it can be very complex. There can be many hoops to jump through to make sure all of your bases are covered, and that you are comfortable with the process moving forward. We have extensive connections throughout the construction industry. We ensure you are set up with qualified, trustworthy professionals who get the job done with the highest quality in the most efficient manner possible. Let us help you with the process. 

Work With Us

Our success over the last 28 years is based on our commitment of quality over quantity and in taking the time to understand our clients needs and wants so we can provide the best possible options and experience. It takes a careful strategy to put together the perfect property and transaction that achieves demanding goals.


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